Catalyst-free conjugate addition of thioacids to activated olefins accelerated in water

…, A Ashouri, A Jalali, A Ziyaei-Halimehjani

文献索引:Marjani, Katayoun; Khalesi, Maryam; Ashouri, Akram; Jalali, Aazam; Ziyaei-Halimehjani, Azim Synthetic Communications, 2011 , vol. 41, # 3 p. 451 - 458


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Michael addition of thioacetic and thiobenzoic acids to activated olefins was investigated in the presence of water under catalyst-free conditions. This process, in addition to being green, has an excellent yield. With simple filtration, high-quality products were obtained on a large scale. Competitive dithiane formation and ester cleavage were not observed. Also, excellent yield was obtained using this simple process for the final step of spironolactone ...