Chelation-assisted C-S activation/cascade heteroannulation of pyridine-2-thione derivatives in Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction with alkynes



Ortho-chelation assistance was proved to be crucial for the success of the desulfitative Sonogashira cross-coupling reaction of thioamide-type pyridine derivatives and alkynes. Corresponding alkynylated products were obtained with moderate to excellent yields...

Polyethylene glycol methacrylate-grafted dicationic imidazolium-based ionic liquid: Heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of aryl-benzo[4,5]imidazo[1,2-a]pyrimidine amines under solvent-free conditions



A novel polyethylene glycol methacrylate-grafted tetra-ethylene glycol-bridged dicationic imidazolium-based ionic liquid (PEGMA-g-TEGBDIM) was prepared by grafting tetra-ethylene glycol-bridged 1-vinyl imidazolium mesylate to the surface of cross-linked polye...

A novel water soluble self-assembled supramolecular sensor based on pillar[5]arene for fluorescent detection CN− in water



Efficiently sensing target ions in water solution is still an intriguing challenge. Herein, we report a novel and efficient approach for high fluorescent detection ions in water by a pillar[5]arene-based supramolecular sensors. This novel approach is illustra...

Orbital interaction between electron lone pair and carbonyl group in N-trifluoroacetylpiperidine and N-piperidine amides: Planar and non-planar nitrogen bond configurations



Molecular structure of N-trifluoroacetylpiperidine (NFAPi) was studied by synchronous gas-phase electron diffraction/mass spectrometry (GED/MS), IR spectroscopy and quantum chemical (QC) calculations. Due to the influence of strong conjugation between the ele...

Concise access to primin, miconidin and related natural resorcinols



An efficient and short synthetic procedures affording the biologically active natural products primin, miconidin, olivetol, grevillol, and cardol (adipostatin A) in high yields are reported. The two strategies involve Sonogashira and Suzuki cross-couplings as...

Axiriabilines A-D, uncommon nitrogenous eudesmane-type sesquiterpenes from the Hainan sponge Axinyssa variabilis



Four new uncommon nitrogenous eudesmane-type sesquiterpenes, axiriabilines A−D (1–4), and two known related ones (5 and 6), were isolated from the Hainan sponge Axinyssa variabilis. The structures of the new compounds were elucidated on the basis of extensive...

A comprehensive test of computational approaches for evaluation of cyclodextrin complexes. Self-inclusion in monosubstituted β-cyclodextrins – A case study



An in-depth theoretical analysis of two monosubstituted cyclodextrins (CDs) has been performed in order to find the appropriate level of theory capable of the correct qualitative description of their experimentally evidenced self-inclusion phenomenon. The cor...

A concise enantioselective synthesis of pyrrolidine sedum alkaloids (R)-(R)-(+), (S)-(S)-(-)-pyrrolsedamine and (S)-(R)-(+)-pyrrolallosedamine by using proline catalysed α-amination reaction



A general approach for the synthesis of pyrolidine member of sedum alkaloids has been developed by employing proline catalysed sequential α-amination and Horner–Wadsworth–Emmons (HWE) olefination of an aldehyde as the key step. This method can be extended for...

Nitrene insertion into an adjacent o-methoxy group followed by nucleophilic addition to the heterocumulene intermediate: Experimental and computational studies



The chemistry of aryl azides and aryl nitrenes is rich and varied in nature with different products being obtained with minor changes in reaction conditions. Thermolysis of azido- dimethylsuccinylosuccinate has been carried out to study the behaviour of this ...

Self-assembled organic microfibers and nanofibers of 2,6-Diphenyl dihydrodipyrrolopyrazine (DP-DPP) derivatives for optoelectronic applications



Microfibers and nanofibers with promising application in optoelectronics are desirable in current material synthesis. Synthetic method has been developed for the preparation of dipyrrolopyrazine derivatives by employing palladium catalysed Buchwald and Sonoga...