Cell-permeable nanobodies for targeted immunolabelling and antigen manipulation in living cells



Functional antibody delivery in living cells would enable the labelling and manipulation of intracellular antigens, which constitutes a long-thought goal in cell biology and medicine. Here we present a modular strategy to create functional cell-permeable nano...

Catalytic diastereo- and enantioselective additions of versatile allyl groups to N–H ketimines



There are many biologically active organic molecules that contain one or more nitrogen-containing moieties, and broadly applicable and efficient catalytic transformations that deliver them diastereoselectively and/or enantioselectively are much sought after. ...

Single-molecule spectroscopy of LHCSR1 protein dynamics identifies two distinct states responsible for multi-timescale photosynthetic photoprotection



In oxygenic photosynthesis, light harvesting is regulated to safely dissipate excess energy and prevent the formation of harmful photoproducts. Regulation is known to be necessary for fitness, but the molecular mechanisms are not understood. One challenge has...

Modular probes for enriching and detecting complex nucleic acid sequences



Complex DNA sequences are difficult to detect and profile, but are important contributors to human health and disease. Existing hybridization probes lack the capability to selectively bind and enrich hypervariable, long or repetitive sequences. Here, we prese...

UV-light-driven prebiotic synthesis of iron–sulfur clusters



Iron–sulfur clusters are ancient cofactors that play a fundamental role in metabolism and may have impacted the prebiotic chemistry that led to life. However, it is unclear whether iron–sulfur clusters could have been synthesized on prebiotic Earth. Dissolved...

Infrared spectrum and structure of the homochiral serine octamer–dichloride complex



The amino acid serine is known to form a very stable octamer that has properties that set it apart from serine complexes of different sizes or from complexes composed of other amino acids. For example, both singly protonated serine octamers and anionic octame...

Feshbach resonances in the exit channel of the F + CH3OH → HF + CH3O reaction observed using transition-state spectroscopy



The transition state governs how chemical bonds form and cleave during a chemical reaction and its direct characterization is a long-standing challenge in physical chemistry. Transition state spectroscopy experiments based on negative-ion photodetachment prov...

A metallo-DNA nanowire with uninterrupted one-dimensional silver array



The double-helix structure of DNA, in which complementary strands reversibly hybridize to each other, not only explains how genetic information is stored and replicated, but also has proved very attractive for the development of nanomaterials. The discovery o...

Synthesis facilitates an understanding of the structural basis for translation inhibition by the lissoclimides



The lissoclimides are unusual succinimide-containing labdane diterpenoids that were reported to be potent cytotoxins. Our short semisynthesis and analogue-oriented synthesis approaches provide a series of lissoclimide natural products and analogues that expan...

Direct, enantioselective α-alkylation of aldehydes using simple olefins



Although the α-alkylation of ketones has already been established, the analogous reaction using aldehyde substrates has proven surprisingly elusive. Despite the structural similarities between the two classes of compounds, the sensitivity and unique reactivit...