Non??Tethered Organometallic Phosphonate Inhibitors for Lipase Inhibition: Positioning of the Metal Center in the Active Site of Cutinase

…, RJM Klein Gebbink, G van Koten

Index: Kruithof, Cornelis A.; Dijkstra, Harmen P.; Lutz, Martin; Spek, Anthony L.; Egmond, Maarten R.; Klein Gebbink, Robertus J. M.; Van Koten, Gerard European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2008 , # 28 p. 4425 - 4432

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Abstract Organometallic NCN-pincer complexes, bearing either a p-nitrophenyl phosphonate ester or a phosphonic acid group directly attached to the aromatic ring of the pincer complex, were synthesized. These compounds were tested as covalent inhibitors for the lipase cutinase. In a stoichiometric reaction of the NCN-pincer platinum phosphonate p- nitrophenyl ester 2 with cutinase, a 94% conversion to the protein–pincer metal complex ...